New Wealth Recovery White Paper

InvestSense’s new White Paper, “Recovering ‘Hidden’ Assets: Wealth Preservation and Recovery Strategies for Heirs, Beneficiaries and their Advisers,” addresses the increasing problem of executors, trustees and other fiduciaries overlooking and/or failing to advise heirs and beneficiaries of potential assets of an estate or a trust.  This potential breach of a fiduciary’s legal obligations and duties can not only result in substantial financial loss to the heirs and beneficiaries, but also in liability exposure for the executor, heir or other fiduciary.  Even more troubling is the fact that a fiduciary’s failure to disclose and pursue an estate’s or a trust’s assets may be due to a conflict of interest between the fiduciaries involved.  This White Paper discusses some of the methods of identifying “hidden” assets and steps heirs, beneficiaries and their advisers can use to recover the “hidden” assets.  

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